Create static HTML presentations and articles

21 May 2013

Casey Marshall

Software Flâneur

Introducing represent

The Go language developers created Present, a tool for authoring clean and simple HTML5 slide decks. Presentations are authored in a text-based format similar to wiki markup.

Present is designed to serve presentations from an embedded HTTP server with live sandboxed code demonstrations.

Represent is my adaptation for rendering static HTML pages.


1. Install the Go language tools.

2. Set up your $GOPATH. Add $GOPATH/bin to your $PATH.

3. Download and install.

$ go get
$ go install


Write some .slide and .article files in the Present format.

$ represent

compiles all the Present files in the current working directory into a hierarchy of static html pages. Compiled HTML and linked assets will be written into a publish subdirectory.

$ represent -src <source> -publish <publish>

compiles a directory tree of Present files located in source to the publish directory.

This presentation was compiled with represent. Mmm dogfood!


Feature ideas:

Pull requests welcome.

Thank you