This is a blog I started after many false starts. I think it will stick, because I have a pretty clear idea what it will be for. It's also not tied to any service, really. Github could go away, and I'd be sad, because I like Github, but then I'd just push it to somewhere else. Shouldn't all social content be like this? The Internet has gone wrong, and it is up to the builders to make it right. Even if only for those few who pay any attention.

I'm often too busy building to talk or write about it. I'd rather be building, and blogging without building is for life coaches, social media consultants and other noisy creatures.

But hey, I do realize it is necessary to take a break from time to time, and it is also worthwhile to sell one's work, if it will be useful to others, they've got to know about it to use it...

Expect more here when there is more to sell. Until then, there is much hacking to do, and enough diversions, distractions and downtime as it is.

Cheers! -Casey