Contact Info

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I like to build things. Things that create value, things that disrupt, things that are useful, things because I can. Let's go build something!

Professional Experience

Sr. Software Developer, Gazzang, Inc. (Mar 2012 - Present)

Project lead for zTrustee, a key management solution and opaque object storage service. Significant development and extension of the web service, built with OpenPGP, Python Flask, SQLalchemy and PostgreSQL, Java API client built with Bouncycastle.

Eclipse RCP Contracting (Sep 2012 - Mar 2013)

Several Eclipse RCP development contracts for an early-stage startup. Integrated Eclipse platform technologies: EMF metamodel design, EMFT, Common Navigator Framework, OSGi, Tycho Maven builds. Built SWT/JFace UI from client mockups and user stories.

Senior Product Developer, BMC Software (Jan 2010 - Mar 2012)

(Phurnace acquired by BMC)

Continued to lead Eclipse platform development of BMC-branded Phurnace Deliver product. Developed model-to-model (M2M) transformation engine and metamodel tooling to integrate with Bladelogic. Improved the EMF Compare engine and UI to support application server configuration management in the product.

Staff Engineer, Phurnace Software (May 2009 - Jan 2010)

Led design and development of product UI and Eclipse platform integration. Created rich reporting and visualizations with BIRT, GEF/Zest and EMF Compare.

MTS Prod Dev Engr, Advanced Micro Devices (Aug 2006 - May 2009)

Led design and development of semiconductor statistical analysis application. Eclipse RCP UI with large tables, charting, filtering and real-time interactivity, high-performance HDF5 numerical data store.

Led refactoring of system-level test C++ codebase to address product diversification demands on the platform (>500K LOC). Separated tester executive from common and product-specific SLT libraries, solved hardware stability and concurrency issues with sensor monitoring redesign. Trained product test teams in architectural changes and C++ best practices.

Built an automated operational efficiency reporting system which integrated diverse, disconnected data silos to identify sources of waste in the manufacturing process. Drove significant reduction in capital expenditure through resource planning and factory process improvements.

Sr. Software Engineer, Freescale Semiconductor (Aug 1999 - Jul 2006)

Developed several software solutions to improve test and manufacturing processes and reduce cost.

IT Specialist, IBM Global Services (May 1998 - Jul 1999)

Provide AIX technical support and integration services on-site at Wal-Mart corporate headquarters. Developed, led and coordinated a simultaneous hardware, operating system and software upgrade for over 3000 RS/6000 in-store servers.

Open-Source Projects


Hockeypuck is an OpenPGP keyserver I developed in Go.


Conflux is an implementation of the set reconciliation algorithm and protocol used by SKS, the Synchronized Key Server. I developed conflux for Hockeypuck to interoperate with SKS. However, I believe set reconciliation will be generally useful for other applications.

PySTDF (inactive)

Parser for the Standard Test Data Format, a binary data logging format common in the semiconductor test industry. Developed in pure Python, mostly to learn how to create DSLs with metaclasses.


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Southwest Texas State University, 1998.